Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the mixing process take?

The mixing is often done instantly and the coins are sent back as soon as your coins come in with confirmation. Due to the fact that our reserve is large and holds million of dollars currently, you will not have to wait for someone else to send their coins and have your coins mixed. Additionally, in order to ensure third parties do not look at fees to find similarities in the nature of transactions done by you, we permit an optional time delay feature.

Is there a minimum transaction size?

Due to the nature of our operations we do not accommodate transactions less than 0.005 BTC BTC. Anything smaller will be considered as a donation to our service.

What is the maximum transaction size?

For security reasons we accept transaction up to 50 BTC. If you need to mix more than 50 BTC, simply just open another mixing order and repeat the process.

How many confirmations are required to mix bitcoins?

The number of confirmations required depends on the BTC transaction volume:

  • Under 10 BTC - 1 confirmation required
  • Under 25 BTC - 2 confirmations required
  • Under 50 BTC - 3 confirmations required

What if I accidentally closed the browser window before getting a confirmation from the bitcoin network?

No need to worry! You do not have to stay on the page to complete the mixing order, as long as BTC was sent into the mixer, bitcoins will be mixed and sent back regardless of if you are on our website or not.

What logs do you keep, if any?

We do not store any logs or information that could be used to identify our users. All Bitcoin transaction data is wiped clean from our server the moment you receive your mixed Bitcoins.

How do I know you're legit?

We hold over 2,000+ BTC in our Bitcoin reserve. Just take a look at one of our wallet addresses here 17A16QmavnUfCW11DAApiJxp7ARnxN5pGX. We do not believe in profitting by running away with your bitcoins but by rather running longer in business with you. Regardless, if you do not feel totally secure in sending us large amounts of BTC, you can simply start off using our service by sending us smaller amounts of BTC first until we have earned your trust. Splitting up your Bitcoins and mixing smaller amounts over time is also a smart way to anonymizing your BTC. On top of that, our mixer is coded to never mix your Bitcoins with your previous Bitcoins. This is simply tracked by your browser sessions and cookies. This ensures security, transparency and anonymity within the system.

Enter the address you want the Bitcoin forwarded to:

{{delay ? 'Remove delay' : 'Set delay'}}
Service Fee: {{getFee()}}%

Time delay

Amount to Send:
BTC to {{}}
Amount to Receive:
BTC ({{item.percent}}%) after {{item.delay}}h immediately
to {{item.address}}

Did you know? Logs of any nature are not maintained with our Bitcoin mixer. We do not store any information that can be used to identify you either.