High Volume Bitcoin Mixer, Tumbler, Blender, Anonymizer, Baker, Basher, Beater, Boiler, Bubbler, Burner, Churner, Cleaner, Cleanser, Combiner, Flipper, Fuser, Grinder, Infuser, Juicer, Jumbler, Liquidizer, Maker, Masher, Merger, Processor, Ripper, Scrambler, Shaker, Smasher, Spinner, Squeezer, Stirrer, Stripper, Swirler, Torcher, Twister, Washer, Whisker


What is a Bitcoin Mixer?

A bitcoin mixer is a is a service where you can exchange your tainted bitcoins for anonymized freshly cleaned bitcoins. Bitcoin mixing, also referred to as Bitcoin tumbling or Bitcoin blending, is the process of using a Bitcoin launder service like ours to make your Bitcoin purchases and transactions completely untraceable, private, and secure. Mixing your Bitcoin is the only way to cover your tracks and make your Bitcoin transactions impossible to trace back to you. Our bitcoin mixer can protect you against criminals, hackers, and if you are using Bitcoin for activities prohibited your local laws, then it can also protect you against local law enforcement. Our enormous Bitcoin reserve comes from mining pools in the USA, China and Europe, giving you completely different bitcoins than you had before, thus totally untraceable Bitcoins.

Why should I mix my Bitcoins with a Bitcoin mixer?

Enter the BTC address where you would like untraceable Bitcoins sent:

{{delay ? 'Remove time delay' : 'Set time delay'}}
Service Fee: {{getFee()}}% + 0.0005 BTC

Time delay:

Tainted Bitcoins TO Mixer:
BTC to {{operation.data.InputAddress}}
Cleaned Bitcoins FROM Mixer:
BTC ({{item.percent}}%) after a {{item.delay}}h time delay mixed immediately
to {{item.address}}

Did you know? We are a logs-free mixer, we keep zero logs regarding your mixing order. All Bitcoin transaction data is wiped from our server the moment you receive your mixed Bitcoins.