Bitcoin Mixer, Bitcoin Tumbler, Bitcoin Blender

Bitcoin Mixer/Tumbler!

Mixing your bitcoins is the best way to remain anonymous and untraceable while transacting bitcoins. By using our bitcoin mixer, or bitcoin tumbler, you can always be sure you will receive different coins than the ones you send in. As a result, your bitcoin transaction history and purchases will no longer be publicly linked to you.

Mix Now
We have the lowest minimum around, and require just 1 confirmation for any size mix!

Best Mixer

We use a top of the line, cutting edge algorithm in which guarantees you will receive completely different bitcoins than the ones you send in, making our bitcoin tumbler a really great way to remain anonymous while transacting BTC.

Low Fees

Our fees are just .5% of the amount mixed plus a .00005 BTC static fee for each mix.

Fast Delivery

We require just a single confirmation (1 confirmation) from the bitcoin network before your mixed coins are sent to your target address.